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A fan-first commerce platform that will change the live event experience forever.

Integrated with your venues and
favorite entertainers.


Token Events empowers each fan to control and share their activity through Non-Fungible Ownership™.

Fans will be able to purchase their tickets, venue services, and merchandise and receive real-time personalized offers all from a single app or web experience.

Fans can then catalog each unique moment and wrap them in an NFE(Non-Fungible Experience™), creating individual and secondary values for each of these treasured experiences.

Non-Fungible Events™ - Making the dreams of fandom a reality at an event near you.

Token enabled point of sales machine.


Token Events will allow entertainers to create a unique connection with their fans.

Entertainers can finally understand their fans and their behavior for the first time, enabling them to:

  • Connect directly with fans

  • Offer VIP experiences for their most loyal followers

  • Control ticket prices to prevent ticket-scalping



Token Events mutually supports event venues, allowing venue managers to further reward fans for their engagement throughout the entire event process.

By delivering real-time data, we enable venues, vendors, and partners to better serve their customers and deliver the VIP experience fans deserve.

$FAN distributed ledger technology ensures total fairness and accurate analysis of fan behavior, while the Token Events ecosystem ensures a total overview of key responsibilities, including staff, security, merchandising, and hospitality performance.

Token enabled point of sales machine.



Token Events is a scalable, blockchain-based business with a cryptocurrency oriented towards the complete digital transformation of the live event space.

Token Events Ecosystem Diagram


Our team is nothing short of the best minds coming together to solve fan commerce.

Created and backed by a team of crypto pioneers, digital entrepreneurs, and world-famous rock stars, Token Events is uniting everyone to build the future of fandom together.



Adam Jones is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Token. Today, Adam is a Senior Technology Director at R/GA Austin’s office. Adam has 20 years of digital agency, professional service, and financial service experience. This includes 10 years as a Global Technical Manager for professional service and financial service firms such as CME, Bank of America, Zurich, and JP Morgan Chase.


Christopher Davis is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Token. He’s a serial CTO. While at Huge Inc Chicago under the direction of Adam Jones, Christopher led the implementation efforts for Voice Automation through the drive-thru. Christopher has over 15 years of experience in mobile, web, desktop, and gaming. He has thrived in intermixing technologies from BCI and IoT to AR and VR.


Richard is the Chief Experience Officer of Token. Richard believes in putting the fan at the heart of our platform experience. With over 20 years of international experience, working with Fortune 100 companies, Richard explicitly understands the needs of the digital customer. At Token, Richard is responsible for the customer experience strategy, brand, marketing, and digital experiences.


Seth Rompelman is the Chief Operating Officer of Token. With nearly 10 years of enterprise-level management in custom software, Seth brings deep experience in sales and technical partnerships, contracts, solutioning, agile product development, delivery and operational leadership. He is also an early crypto adopter and DeFi enthusiast with prior experience in live music and venue management.


Portrait of Matthew Davis.


Matthew Davis is an NYC-based product executive, brand leader, and creative technologist, who led innovation programs at Google, WarnerMedia, and Nike globally, following a career creating and scaling startups in media technology.

Portrait of Rob Cornish.


Rob Cornish most recently served as the CTO of Gemini. While at Gemini, he helped build and support the global digital asset exchange, NFT marketplace, Gemini Custody, and the launch of Gemini Dollar (GUSD) stablecoin, Gemini mobile, ActiveTrader trading application, Gemini Clearing, Gemini Pay, and Gemini Earn products. Prior to Gemini, Rob was Chief Information Officer of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Portrait of Andrew Perlmutter.


Andrew Perlmutter has served as the President of Funko, Inc., and FAH, LLC since October 2017. Mr. Perlmutter was the Senior Vice President of Sales of FAH, LLC from June 2013 until October 2017. Prior to that, he was a co-founder of Bottle Rocket Collection, a board and travel games company, where he oversaw product manufacturing and sales from December 2012 until December 2013.

Portrait of Benjamin Diggles.


Benjamin is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Constellation Network driving all enterprise and federal engagements for the company. Benjamin has effectively worked with startup and enterprise companies driving strategy for Fortune 500 companies in the digital space. Before working with Constellation, Benjamin held leadership positions for Oracle and Webtrends.

Portrait of Tim Moss.


Tim Moss is currently the Artist Manager for platinum-selling rock band FAITH NO MORE and the rock legends SLEEP. He is a well-respected International Tour Manager and has worked with Lou Reed, Mastodon, The Melvins, Mike Patton, Fantomas, Jello Biafra, and Mono Cane, among others. Moss has worked in the music industry in nearly every capacity, managing and performing throughout the world for over 30 years.

Portrait of Dave Burg.


Dave Burg is co-founder and a managing partner at Shepherd, an audience strategy firm. Prior to forming Shepherd, he held director titles at some of the world’s top advertising agencies: Wieden+Kennedy, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, and R/GA. He specializes in turning audience and customer insights into experiences that get an unfair share of advocacy.

Portrait of Dylan Boyd.


Dylan is the Director of R/GA Ventures where he works with brands to develop in-house, partner, and Venture Studio programs. He works across sports, blockchain, media, data, marketing, and other verticals. He has built startup companies, e-commerce initiatives, solutions for corporations with integrated content and strategy programs. He has won creative and business awards, including three INC 500/5000 awards.

Portrait of Davyeon Ross.


Davyeon Ross is an innovative technology leader, and widely recognized entrepreneur. He has over 20+ years of experience in the technology sector. Ross is Co-founder/President & COO of DDSports Inc. of which ShotTracker is the first product. He also founded Digital Sports Ventures, a sports video syndication platform acquired by Digital Broadcasting Group, a top 5 Video Ad Network in 2011.

Portrait of Scott Kveton.


Scott Kveton is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years building, scaling and selling companies in the B2B SaaS space.


Along with our Advisors, we are fortunate to partner with corporations acting as pioneers and innovators in the new digital era.



The future of fandom is here.


Our Whitepaper unveils our worldview and how we intend to reimagine the fan experience and redefine the industry.


Token Events Fan Economy diagram.



Fan Experience Features

Brand Experience Features

Phase 1

Progressive Web Application
Atomic design system
User account creation & KYC
OTP Login
NFE and event purchase
Web3 wallet integration
NFT minting
Proof of attendance
Personal settings
Invite a friend
Get in touch

Atomic Design System
OTP Login
NFE and event creation
Ticket scanning
Proof of Attendance
Event analytics
Event comms
Staff management
Station management
Get in touch

Phase 2

Responsive site
iOS & Android application parity
Native payments
Transfer tickets
Ticket resale
$FAN emissions
Token Generation Event (TGE)
Reward Engine

Responsive site
iOS & Android application parity
Fan marketing science
$FAN emissions
Transfer tickets
$FAN vendor redemption
Polls and promotions


In-app merchandise marketplace
Data timeline
Enhanced Fanalytics
“Order Ahead” & fulfillment
Content streaming
App-wide asset bidding

Enhanced Fanalytics
Advanced fan marketing science
Fan data marketplace
In-app vendor marketplace
Merchandise processing
Micro Moment Engine
Subscription services


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